Case Study: Quick Ornamental Bed Plan

Just a quick and simple case study today. This was a plan I created for a client who already had a range of plants that they wished to place in an ornamental border, and wanted me to give them an idea of plant placing and arrangement. While I usually create full designs, I can also help out with particular garden problems, or particular areas in your garden.

I would always, of course, recommend that people work out a plan before purchasing their plants. And to choose plants suited to the setting, rather than starting out with plants they like.

I also generally prefer to design schemes with edible/useful purpose as well as simply ornamental. But of course, ornamental plants can also be of great benefit in a garden – attracting and providing for wildlife, as well as appealing in a visual way.

In this case, I was able to select from the plant choices purchased, and advise the client regarding which would be suitable for the particular location in question.

If you do not need a full garden design but just need assistance with a smaller part of your garden, I can help you develop the best plan for that area. I am flexible and can help you with any garden problem on an hourly basis, so please do get in touch if you have an issue you would like to discuss.

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