Bring Colour and Cheer to Your Garden

Most of us have had a difficult year, and are surrounded by uncertainty. But having a garden means we have the opportunity to shape our immediate environment to bring some cheer. Obviously, as a permaculture designer, I know that there are many other things that a garden can provide. But sometimes, it is nice to consider how we can make our gardens beautiful and cheerful, as well as useful and productive.

You might like to consider some ways to bring bright colours into a productive garden – options that I briefly discuss in this article:

Color in Kitchen Gardens: Growing a Rainbow for Cheer

Of course, you can also bring colour to your garden through mosaic pathways, glass bottle walls, eco-painted walls or fences, garden furniture, or a wide range of artistic installations. But good garden design always begins with the plants, the soil, and the environmental conditions upon which they depend.

Ornamental gardens and food producing spaces definitely do not need to be separate and distinct. A good garden can deliver high yields while also being pleasing to the eye. Integrate as many different plants as possible in your garden and it can become as welcoming a place to you as it is to the wildlife that shares your space.

If you need a bit of cheer this year, I can help you create the perfect garden for you and your site. Overhauling your garden could be the ideal way to inject a bit of positivity, and look forward to the seasons to come. If you would like a beautiful design for your garden, please do get in touch.

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