Have You Started Sowing Yet?

Winter is, of course, still in full flow. But here though there is snow on the ground outside – actually quite a few inches – I have quite a few seeds germinating and seeds growing on my windowsills. Some will stay indoors for quite some time. While others will head out into the polytunnel some time next month.

I have sown my tomatoes, and some sweet and chilli peppers, lettuce and some other leafy greens, some leeks, celery… And some broad beans and peas that I sow indoors to plant out into the polytunnel – because mice and voles are a problem if I direct sow.

I know that quite a few people have had trouble getting the seeds they want this year. But if you saved your own last year, or have managed to order some, it might not be too early to get started – in the right places.

If you are growing your own for the first time, you might find this article helpful:

15 Vegetable Seeds to Sow in January or February

Don’t worry, however, if you are not quite there just yet. There is still plenty of time to prepare and plan for the coming growing season. With quite a short growing season, I start early. But of course it may be different where you live.

If you have not ordered any seeds just yet, but plan to do so, please do get in touch if you are interested in my consultancy services. I can help you decide which seeds to choose for your needs, and for your particular garden. And then, of course, I can create a full garden design so you know how to lay out your beds and growing areas.

Even if it is not time yet to get sowing and growing – plan ahead. Remember, this year, it may take you longer to source and receive the seeds you need.

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