Reasons To Create a Pond On Your Property

Most people are very aware of the benefits of attracting wildlife to their gardens or farms. One of the very best ways to attract beneficial wildlife in many temperate climate locations is to make a wildlife pond. No matter how large or small your garden may be, you could create a small pond for wildlife.

A pond appropriately planted with different types of aquatic plants will be a boon to many creatures that share your space. And of course, by attracting beneficial wildlife to the space, you as a gardener will also benefit too. The more species there are beneficially interacting in a system, the more stable and resilient it will be.

But a pond can be a very useful feature – over and above the benefits in terms of biodiversity. Here are just a few of the other reasons why creating a pond on your property could be a great idea:

  • To catch and store rainwater to prevent flooding/ runoff issues.
  • And/or to catch and store rainwater to be used for irrigation.
  • To mitigate risks associated with wildfires in your area.
  • Provision of a water source for livestock.
  • As part of raising ducks or other waterfowl.
  • To raise fish (aquaculture) perhaps as part of an aquaponics system.
  • With larger ponds, perhaps even for wild swimming/ human recreation.

Of course, ponds can be very attractive features too. They can enhance your view and allow you to create appealing vistas from your home or across your property. A well designed pond can look really lovely, especially with all its attendant planting.

Remember, a pond is not just water. It is an ecosystem. A pond’s planting must be carefully determined to make sure that it is achieving what you want it to achieve. If you would like some help designing a pond on your property, please do reach out.

Ponds won’t work everywhere, of course. But in many locations, they can be very useful and integral features for a permaculture design.

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