Container Gardening – A Few Simple Tips

If you do not have much outside space available, or only a paved or gravelled area, a container garden can still allow you to get growing – often more prolifically than you might imagine. If you are considering starting a container garden, here are a few simple tips to help you avoid some common pitfallsContinue reading “Container Gardening – A Few Simple Tips”

Permaculture Design For Rented Spaces

Even if you are renting your home, there is still plenty of potential to include permaculture design in your life. It can, of course, be frustrating when we do not have full control over what we can and cannot do where we live. But permaculture can allow us to improve our situations, and live moreContinue reading “Permaculture Design For Rented Spaces”

Case Study: Small Space Container Garden

What is you only have a small paved area to play with? Can you still garden when you have a very limited budget and don’t even have access to an area of soil? Permaculture provides solutions even for rather unpromising sites. The image above is a case study that demonstrates how we can make theContinue reading “Case Study: Small Space Container Garden”