The Importance of Seasonal Connection

In the modern world, it is all too easy for us to lose our connection to the natural world and to feel adrift from the natural shifts in the seasons. One of the most important things in living in a healthier and more sustainable way is rediscovering that sense of connection. We all need toContinue reading “The Importance of Seasonal Connection”

Empowering Children to Make Sustainable Change

All too often, children are sidelined. They are viewed as powerless dependents, who are merely there to be guarded and protected. But children who are empowered to create change show that they have amazing capacity to truly change the world for the better. One of the challenges for sustainable progress is ‘otherism’ – the naturalContinue reading “Empowering Children to Make Sustainable Change”

The Green School Movement

Following on from yesterday’s case study, I thought I would talk a little more about why it is so important consider education, and examine the green school or nature school as an alternative to the box ticking education so many children today are offered. The green school movement is all about making sure that childrenContinue reading “The Green School Movement”