The Green School Movement

Following on from yesterday’s case study, I thought I would talk a little more about why it is so important consider education, and examine the green school or nature school as an alternative to the box ticking education so many children today are offered.

The green school movement is all about making sure that children are given the tools they need – not just to succeed in exams and traditional careers, but to succeed in life. There is more than one way to fit children for a happy and successful life. But one thing that children do need is a connection to nature, and the ability and space to flourish on their own terms.

Personally, I received a perfectly satisfactory education until I left school. I happened to be naturally academic and so was one of the children for whom traditional schooling can work relatively well. I progressed though all the hoops and was fortunate enough to attend a good university.

But I know I was one of the lucky ones not let down by the system. I have personally known many others who did not fit the mould and had to find their own route after they were freed from the system. And though I definitely appreciate the opportunities I have been given, there were plenty of areas where my schooling was definitely lacking – I was just lucky enough to have parents who filled those gaps.

I had a childhood typical for people of my age – with plenty of time spend playing and exploring outdoors, in natural environments. In today’s world, this is not something that many children are getting. What was the norm for my generation is no longer assumed. Free and undirected time playing with nature rather than just in it is key.

In a world where it is harder than ever for kids to get the nature time they need, it is crucial that this is a big part of the education they receive. That is where great ideas like the NOWschool come in.

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