The Importance of Seasonal Connection

In the modern world, it is all too easy for us to lose our connection to the natural world and to feel adrift from the natural shifts in the seasons. One of the most important things in living in a healthier and more sustainable way is rediscovering that sense of connection.

We all need to adjust our mindsets to embrace change, and it can be a good idea to make sure we alter with the seasons. Our ancestors, free from the intrusiveness of electric lights, would have had to shift their habits as the seasons changed – going to bed earlier as the nights began to draw in, and making the most of the light on long summer days. Of course, we have more flexibility and more options in the modern world. But there is a lot to be said for living more in tune with the seasons.

People would have eaten with the seasons too, of course, something which I have spoken about before. And they would have often been more sensitive to the small changes in the world around them that forecasted the changes to come.

Being observant and really taking in the small changes in the natural world around us can help us feel less adrift. It can give us a greater sense of connection and can also help us feel more prepared for the changes that come – especially in cooler climates as we transition to the colder months to come. It may also help combat issues with seasonal affective disorder. Feeling truly connected to the changing seasons can help us see the beauty in each one.

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