Case Study: Collaborative Permaculture Plan – Turkey

This is the concept plan for a project I am working on for a client in Turkey, who is planning to convert the barn on this piece of land, and create a homestead with a forest garden and vines.

The primary concern was to create water systems to retain water on the property while also preventing current issues with water runoff towards the old barn, which will be turned into a home. And the client also had plenty of their own ideas which have been incorporated alongside my own thoughts in this design.

This is one of a number of recent projects I have worked on in collaboration with clients who already do know a lot about permaculture, but who just wish for a helping hand to bring the whole thing together and would like me to advise based on lessons learned from my other projects.

I love to work with those who are already familiar with permaculture, sustainable design, and with what I do, as well as with those who have never much considered these things before. This can open up new avenues for exploration and encourage collaboration, which I very much enjoy as someone who works on my own most of the time.

Of course, collaboration with and discussion with others is always important if we are to continue to grow in our understanding and knowledge. That is true for most lines of work, I am sure, and is also something we should all think about in our daily lives so we do not become too stuck in our ways – or to rigid in our own opinions.

Flexible thinking and intellectual motility should be something we all aim to retain. No less in permaculture and design than in other areas of our lives. Adapting to and working with others in different ways is one way to retain that flexible way of thinking.

If you already have some ideas for your property but would like some help with specific elements or help to bring the whole thing together, please do feel free to get in touch so we can discuss how we might work together on your project.

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