Case Study: Eastern Kansas Permaculture Plan

This case study shows my concept design for a small property on a lot of a little under 170 sq m, in eastern Kansas, at the fringes of the central forest-grasslands transition ecotone, where the eastern forests meet the great plains.

The client has just moved into the property in question and wants to turn what is currently mostly a grass lawn to a productive and beautiful space.

They have plans to alter the existing garage and wanted some help to visualise how this might fit in with the use of the rest of the space, as well as help to make the space productive for the family and also beneficial for local wildlife.

The client also wanted to integrate rewilding, with food production, and keeping a few hens for eggs. They are aware of some non-native trees on the property and have plans, ultimately, to replace these with native species to re-establish small areas of native woodland.

They were also keen to use native plants to create a strip of prairie planting to blend with grasslands beyond the garden to the south, and to retain a relatively open feel while also embracing the layered and dense planting approach of forest gardening (dwarf fruit trees) alongside a little small-scale annual growing.

Guttering has not yet been added to the home, and renovation work will be done, so precise details of rainwater harvesting remain to be decided. But water will be retained on the property and conserved in the pond and native, water-wise planting schemes.

The client has had bad experiences in the past both with annual crop losses, and predation to chickens. Integrating the chicken production and kitchen garden as shown on the plans is an approach designed to combat these problems, while also aiming to make the most of all the space available.

If you would like some help to overcome problems or make the most of your garden, however large or small, please do get in touch.

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