Case Study: Scotland Agroforestry

This is the concept plan for a new food producing garden and agroforestry area of approximately 4 acres, on a smallholding of around 7 acres in south west Scotland, where the primary goal is to provide a substantial proportion of the diet of the inhabitants while also generating income through additional yields.

As well as food production, the key desire of the homeowners was to solve issues with runoff and boggy zones, while also beginning to bring nature back to the area with some small-scale rewildling. The focus lies on the currently under-utilised area of the site pictured above. (A somewhat larger rewilding project is already underway to the north west…)

They also wished to generate additional income by adding three glamping yurts in the field above the oat field, from which point there are beautiful views to the south.

The home is at an elevation of around 200m above sea level, and slopes down to around 180m in boggy ground at the south of the site (Point marked by pond 3).

Most of the site is currently open tussocky grass – former pasturage, excepting an arable field growing oats to the west of the site and a handful of native trees to the east. There is a small amount of ornamental planting around the home but on the large, and area around the home is currently grass.

The clients plan to generate income through selling jams and other preserves, honey, home baked artisan breads using heritage local grains, and other yields, and ultimately, plan to create a farm shop and tea shop on an adjacent piece of land to the north west of the home, and may also establish a small museum of rural life for the local area.

If you are creating a mixed farm or homestead and would like some help with your property, or are interested in learning more about specific features of this particular design, please do get in touch.

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