Case Study: SE England Wildlife Garden

This is my design for a garden of approximately 28 x 28m (784 sq m) in South Eastern England. The garden is currently mostly laid to lawn, with a marked slope upwards to the northern end. It is surrounded by a fairly low natural stone wall that has crumbled down in a couple of places, and looks out on open farmland to the west.

The only existing tree is an English oak in the far north western corner, currently in a fairly early stage of growth. There is a dip in the centre of the lawn in which the grass remains greener than the surrounding grass, which often dries out during particularly hot summers (like this one has been).

Having recently moved to the property, the client’s primary goal is to create a wildlife friendly space. Though they are also interested in growing as much food as possible for themselves and their family.

Creating a wildlife pond/ natural swimming pond, and a garden building for working from home, and recreation, were also key desires for the scheme.

If you are interested in creating a wildlife friendly scheme for your own property, please do get in touch so we can discuss your site and requirements.

Of course, this concept design, like other case studies, is only the first step. I can also create full planting plans, with plenty of plants native to your specific area which will, of course, be the best choices for a wildlife-friendly scheme.

Each design is different, but often, key desires and goals remain the same.

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