Thinking Global, Considering Regional, Acting Local

Apologies for the hiatus – I have been a little slow to post recently on this site because I have been extremely busy. I have been working on a range of projects, writing, and have, of course, also been busy here on my own property, both with the never-ending string of spring sowing and growing jobs, and with our barn conversion project.

One of the funny things about my way of life is that I have to switch constantly between: thinking global – tackling and finding solutions for many of the highest level problems we face – considering a whole host of regional factors – as I work on designs for differing bioregions – and acting locally as I work with my immediate community and on personal projects.

Constantly switching between the global, the regional and the very local can sometimes be challenging. But of course, this is something faced by many working within the field of sustainability and permaculture. Our goal, of course, is always to find links between the three, and to make sure that efforts at all levels are working towards the same goals, and in harmony with one another.

All too often, focussing too narrowly on one of these three categories can mean neglecting another.

Such as, for example, when local needs may be forgotten in attempts at large-scale ecosystem restoration, reforestation etc… and projects fail because of local economic and social realities.

Or when we focus all our attention only on the region directly affected by a crisis, and forget about the wider global ramifications, and how individual actions locally in different regions can make a difference.

One example of this is the situation in Ukraine, where we must consider the broader impacts on food security etc. in other regions, as well as the personal lengths individuals can go to in developed nations to make a difference.

Though I am very busy right now, and am off now to harvest some salad for dinner from my polytunnel, I would still love to hear from you to discuss how I can help you with your own project, or your own garden, on whatever scale. So please do get in touch.

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