Case Study: Mississippi Permaculture Concept Plan

This is my concept design for a site of around 3 acres in Mississippi. The design aims to maximise food production while also providing for the needs of those who live on site and providing attractive and useful family space.

The design is, of course, tailored to the client, the site, and the local conditions, and will be implemented over time, with a gradual move to diversify yields and income streams as time goes by.

If you would like some help to make the most of your own property, in a way which meets your own needs while also aiding local wildlife and building healthy ecological systems on site, please do get in touch to discuss my design and consultancy services.

One thought on “Case Study: Mississippi Permaculture Concept Plan

  1. Would like to know more of your work via a book or something via internet that I could see often. I admire what you have done and applause you.
    I am 83 have been a Penn state master gardener for 12 years.
    Would like to see the garden in Mississippi. My granddaughter is a graduate if university iof Mississippi and is presently in the graduate program there. Again thank for all you have done


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