Water Conservation in Garden Design

I have worked on a number of designs for dryland regions and arid climates. And of course, in such design work, water conservation is key. But no matter where you live, it is important to think about water conservation in garden design.

It is important to consider both landscape and the build environment when considering water collection. Where rainfall is more abundant, rainwater harvesting can meet most if not all gardening needs without depleting aquifers or groundwater sources, or relying on mains supply.

In arid regions, or climate zones with distinct dry seasons, additional irrigation will often be required. But there are strategies which can be employed to reduce water needs, and to target irrigation more effectively and efficiently so that less water is used. In addition, there are often strategies which can make use of more sustainable sources for irrigation.

From small scale solutions like clay pot irrigation, watering globes or drip irrigation, to larger scale and more complex systems which use closed-loop aquaponics systems, there are plenty of ways to reduce water use and use available water more wisely in any garden.

As well as considering the form and methods of any irrigation, of course, water conservation means looking holistically at a site – developing strategies relating to terrain and earthworks, plants and soil. This is a complex topic with many different strategies suited to different sites.

So rather than trying to write more on this now, I’d love to hear from you so I can help you create effective and efficient water systems on your property. I would be glad to offer my consultancy service to help you develop strategies to manage water in your garden or on your farm, or to work with you on a holistic design for your site. So please do reach out so we can discuss exactly how I can help.

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