Case Study: Child-Friendly Garden Design

This design was for a small garden in southern England, for a client who not only has her own children but also works as a childminder. The garden, therefore, needed to be rationalised and laid out better, so that it would work well for the family themselves, their chickens, their dog, and for all the children who share their space.

This is a garden which has to work very hard and fulfil a very wide range of functions, in addition to the usual goal of growing some food, and living in a more sustainable way. So while it is a reasonably large garden for an urban setting in south eastern England, there were challenges in how best to make the most of the space.

A child friendly garden can provide plenty of places to play, but it can also still be a restful and relaxing space for adult members of a household, and fulfil other practical functions. This design aims to provide for all these things, and overcome some of the current challenges with the space.

If creating a plan for your family garden feels a little overwhelming, I can help you come up with a design which should work for every member of your family. So please do get in touch.

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