This Black Friday, Remember What Your Purchases Really Cost

Don’t just make Black Friday buy nothing day, make most days buy nothing days. Remember the true cost of each and every thing you buy.

Black Friday represents the very worst of consumerist culture – the societal systems which encourage people to go out and buy, buy, buy.

All the advertisements and gimmicks that companies use to try to coerce people into purchasing their products, or even worse – to make people think that they actually need them, are dark indeed. They can often bring out the very worst in humanity.

Sometimes, it can be easy to feel that if only things were a little cheaper, if only we had a bit more money, we could be happier. It is easy to feel tempted to take advantage of ‘great deals’.

But it is so important not to forget that cost is not just about money. The things we buy cost a lot more than just cash. Even the most sustainable of purchases come at a cost – they use resources – land, water, materials…

Many of the things on sale are items which are not sustainable at all – which contribute in many ways to perpetuating the worsening climate change and biodiversity losses. And these things are, of course, also inextricably linked with social justice. Consumerist culture in the developed world perpetuates the gaps between the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’.

So don’t give in to Black Friday pressures. Hold fast, hold off. Only buy what you really and truly need, and, of course, take steps to reduce your consumption in any ways you can.

If you would like my help to develop a personalised plan to help you move away from consumerist culture, and take steps to live in a more sustainable way, whatever your budget, please do get in touch to discuss it. I would be glad to help you move towards a better way of life.

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