Reducing Energy Bills at Home

Many people at the moment are worried about how much their energy will cost this winter. I won’t get into the energy situation here and now, but I thought it might be helpful to make a few simple suggestions to help anyone, even renters, reduce their energy bills at home:

  • Heat only rooms that need to be heated, and usually only while they are in use.
  • Keep doors closed to keep in the heat, and use draft excluders and thick curtains to reduce heat loss.
  • Switch off lights and unplug electronics when they are not in use rather than leaving them on standby.
  • Switch out lightbulbs for energy saving LED bulbs, if this has not already been done.
  • Wash clothes only when they need it and at a lower temperature when possible.
  • Dry clothes on an airer or washing line rather than tumble drying.
  • Consider cutting down on the number of electric showers you take.
  • Batch cook (make big pots of soup etc. for multiple meals) to switch on a stove or hob less frequently.
  • Heat water in a closed kettle before adding it to pans for boiling.
  • Keep lids on pots when cooking.
  • Make sure appliances are positioned for optimal efficiency. You might be able to move a fridge, for example, to a cooler spot so it does not have to work as hard.

Small steps to conserve energy at home can make a big difference.

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