Case Study: Shared Tenement Garden

Shared gardens can often be boring and largely featureless spaces, which, in attempting to please everyone, actually please no-one. These spaces have to do a lot. But careful collaboration between all stakeholders or garden users can create truly abundant, productive and beautiful spaces.

This is my design for a garden in Scotland shared by four households with somewhat differing preferences and needs. The goals were to allow for abundant annual and perennial food production while also meeting functional needs and offering spaces for inhabitants of all ages to relax more privately, and come together to socialise outdoors.

Each of the households will have their own large raised bed, and will also come together to tend and manage low maintenance perennial borders and a forest garden zone. A large green roofed structure will hide away practical storage zones and composting and hidden away seating areas and a main communal seating will be the main recreational spaces. Wildlife will also be well catered for, with native trees and shrubs, wildlife meadow, wildlife pond etc..

If you would like to know more about this design, or are interested in something similar for your own shared garden space, please do get in touch.

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