Online Internship Opportunity

A slightly different post today – because I am exploring options for next year. This is by way of an introduction to an idea I am considering for early 2022.

I run this small business alone, and next year, I am thinking about offering a part-time online internship opportunity for a young person (Aged 18-25) interested in a sustainable career.

I am looking for someone who is keen to learn, and willing to take on some research and social media work (writing, promotion) paid hourly, initially for around 4 hours per week, to be carried out entirely remotely, from home. This opportunity might suit a student in a sustainable field, or someone with other part time commitments.

Candidates for this role would have to have:

  • An interest in permaculture and sustainability, and ideally some existing knowledge of these topics.
  • An ability to undertake some research in these fields and report back accurately.
  • Excellent writing and communication skills.
  • Good working knowledge of social media. (To help me expand the reach of my business.)

This online internship would not start until January 2022. But I wanted to reach out now to see whether there would be any interest in something like this, and potentially to build a relationship with a potential intern.

I do not have the budget at the moment to offer a full time position, but I would be glad to share my experience and mentor someone interested in working towards a career in the field. This internship would not initially involve design work, but there may be potential for this in future.

If you are interested in discussing this role in more depth, I hope you will get in touch. Please send your CV/resume and a covering letter explaining why you feel you might be a good candidate for this position and sharing your long-term goals.

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