Sustainability: Institutions Can Make a Big Difference

Much sustainable progress in my area is driven by the work at St. Andrews University (where I studied). I live quite close by, and have been largely impressed by the progress on a number of fronts that has been made since I studied there. Their meadows project is one of the latest big things.

Institutions like universities, colleges, schools etc. can make a big difference – not just for those who actually study there, but also for others in the areas around them, and, of course, in a much broader sense.

Often, educational institutions have land, which can be managed in a sustainable way to support wildlife, provide amenity, and provide food and other resources.

I have not been involved with the work at St Andrews, but I have helped a number of schools and educational institutions around the world develop strategies and designs for more effective and eco-friendly use of land and other resources through my design and consultancy.

If a school or other institution in your area could do with some help, or if they are failing to live up to your expectations when it comes to sustainability, you may be able to be instrumental in taking things in the right direction. If you would like some tips to start the process, I can help you work out the steps to take.

I can help turn grey or under-utilised grounds into abundant, beautiful and productive places. If you are interested in discussing how you can take your school or educational institution to the next level, or are involved in local government and would like to adapt plans for your jurisdiction, please do get in touch.

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