Access and Equality

Access to land is one of the key issues of equality. All too often, people live lives divorced from the land, and distant from the natural world. A sustainable future for all involves looking closely at access to land, and thinking about how we can improve matters when it comes to this issue.

Issues with land ownership are one key thing that must be considered in any plan for the future. Not only must we consider indigenous rights, and traditional land uses. We must also think about the future for land use – how land can be shared and can meet the needs of a community, and how we can make sure that everyone has access to land and can spend time in the natural world.

Access to land is often unequal in terms of class and monetary status, of course. But land rights issues also touch on many other issues, from race, to gender equality, to disability rights.

Access to land can solve many of the issues and inequalities in our societies. And can deliver many of the things we all need – tangible and intangible – for a sustainable future. A lot of my job involves thinking about how exactly land can be used and how it can be managed. But access to land in the first place is also an essential part of the puzzle.

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