Case Study: Community Garden

This case study (from last month) is a concept for an existing community garden in north eastern Scotland, which wishes to improve the smaller existing space and expand into an adjacent site. The area shown to the west of the site, with the annual beds, currently has a number of raised beds. This design maximises production and improves layout within this space.

The rest of the design is for a grassy area which slopes down to the south and south east along a road. Native trees and fruit trees (with under-storey guild planting) will create a forest garden with bark pathways.

Sloping down from this a series of small swales will be created and planted and a rain garden will be created alongside the edge of the site to catch runoff waters which can impact on the area and create a boggy and waterlogged area. While the annual production area will be accessible to members of the specific community group, the rest of the site will be open to all.

If you would like to learn more about this specific design, or would like help with the creation or improvement of a community garden in your area, please do reach out to discuss how I can help.

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