Long But Rewarding Day

These are the tiles we’ve chosen for our bathroom. I will share images later on in the process.

We’ve only just come in after a very long day working on our barn conversion – making the most of the time we have while I am off work to make progress with tiling in the bathroom. It’s a tricky job – especially as in an old building – nothing is straight! There are no right angles! But of course, that is one of the reasons that we love the old barn so much.

Since I have had a very long day today, I won’t write much tonight. Just to say that sometimes, doing things in a sustainable way is not the easiest route to take – conversion of an old building can sometimes be a lot more work (and sometimes money) than building new. But there are so many rewards.

I might sometimes make life a little more difficult for myself by taking a DIY approach, and doing things from scratch rather than paying someone else to do something or buying things in. But I would not have it any other way. Sustainability in practice can be tiring. But it is rewarding in ways few other things can be.

I’ll share some photos of our progress in the next few days. But in the meantime, I want to urge everyone, yet again, to try new things and embrace sustainability and self-reliance in all its forms. You might sometimes be tired at the end of a day – but as I say, it is definitely worth all the effort you put in!

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