Perseverance is Important in Permaculture and Sustainable Living

I am certain that I am not unique in having tried a lot of new things in my determination to live in a more sustainable, self reliant and eco-friendly way. Skill building and learning is an important part of making progress in this arena, no matter exactly what path we are on.

In the pursuit of my sustainable living goals, I have tried (and sometimes failed) a number of times and I am sure will continue to do so. Perseverance is, perhaps, another of the key characteristics necessary to really make the tangible transition to a sustainable future.

Unfortunately, one thing I have noticed recently is that some new ‘Covid’ gardeners and those newly trying to live in a more sustainable way are sometimes too ready to give up on something new they are trying – whether it is gardening or some other skill. Some have shared their experiences and mentioned projects which have fallen by the wayside because something went wrong, or simply because something was too hard.

I don’t mean to be judgemental – a completely understand how difficult it can be to persevere at things that don’t necessarily come naturally. I am not a particularly naturally practical person when it comes to building/ DIY and have often found it a challenge to master new skills as we have progressed on our barn conversion project.

But it is very important to try, and if at first you don’t succeed, to try, and try again. Perseverance is important. Fortunately, we can help one another as we strive to meet out goals, and when we share such important goals, we can never be entirely on our own.

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