Case Study: Wisconsin Permaculture Design

This Wisconsin property, in Juneau County, is in USDA zone 5. It has largely Boone-Tarr soils, c. 6-15 percent slopes, some with high runoff and excessive drainage. Mean annual precipitation is 28 to 33 inches. Mean annual air temperature: 46 to 52 degrees F. Frost-free period: 135 to 160 days.

Most of the property is currently oak-pine woodland. Area cleared for the home and food producing areas but most of the woodland to be kept and managed/ improved over time for ecological benefits. The property slopes down to the north, with a slightly more pronounced slope on the southern part of the property.


  • Food and resource production.
  • Conservation and diversification of native woodland.
  • Water management and wildfire safety.
  • Protection and attraction of native wildlife.

Key features of this design involve the management of water through ponds, vegetated swales and on-contour swales, a forest garden, and annual food production and recreational areas closer to the home. Further details were also provided to the client regarding potential within the woodland on the site, and of course, details of climate and location appropriate planting within key areas within the design.

If you would like to know more about this design, or would like to order a similar design for your own property, please do get in touch.

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