Wildfire Preparedness in Permaculture Design

Wildfires are, unfortunately, becoming an increasingly common danger in many parts of the world. And permaculture designs need to factor in wildlife preparedness and consider how the to mitigate wildfire risks as well as considering other factors relating to the sectors acting on the site.

When looking at wildfire, one key thing to look at is the prevailing wind direction. It is also important to look at surrounding topographical, landscape features and built environment. These things can often help to determine the best layout and the help find the optimal approach to minimise risk (even when it cannot be eliminated altogether).

Catching and storing water within the landscape with appropriate earthworks, ponds and planting can often help reduce fire risk to a property. Ensuring adequate irrigation is also important.

It is also vital to choose plants which are more resistant to a blaze, and to make sure that you choose the right plants for the right places and care for them correctly so that they are as healthy as possible. Unhealthy or dead plants are obviously just going to add fuel to any flames.

Creating fire-safe zones immediately around a home or other buildings can also be an important part of fire-safe designs. The right materials choices and careful planning and planting are crucial.

It is important to be aware of the various risks on any property to make the right decisions. And in many parts of the world, wildfire preparedness is an essential component of a good permaculture design.

If you would like a wildfire aware permaculture design for your property, please do get in touch. I can help you make sure that your property is as safe as possible, and help you lessen the risks.

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