Streamlining Harvesting

This is, of course, a busy time of year for many of us when it comes to harvesting. Though it is often one of the most pleasurable jobs in the summer garden, it can be time consuming. Streamlining harvesting means spending some time thinking about efficiencies, and coming up with small solutions to make things easier and quicker.

Streamlining and efficiencies are of course particularly important in a market garden or other commercial enterprise. But thinking about these things can be useful in smaller domestic gardens too.

A good permaculture design can already go some way, of course, towards making the harvesting process as easy and efficient as possible. A little work up front on planning and perfecting the right design – with the right elements laid out in the right way – can make a big difference.

But in addition to forward planning, here are a few simple tips for streamlining harvesting:

  • Make sure you always carry a basket, trug or other container with you in the garden. So you always have somewhere to stash things you harvest as you pass by.
  • Get into the habit of harvesting certain crops little and often – in passing. So no trip is a wasted one and serves more than one function.
  • Wash root veg. etc you wish to eat right away outside ( a veg. washing station can come in handy) before bringing them inside.
  • Drop outer damaged leaves from cabbages etc. in the compost (or give to chickens) en route to the kitchen.
  • When picking green beans, nip through the bean itself near the top so you don’t have to remove tops indoors.

Over time, you will develop a range of little strategies that will allow you to complete harvesting and preparing jobs in less time. This can help because it means you may have more time simply to enjoy the rewards of your hard work.

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