Sustainability and Practical Prepping

When many people think of prepping, unfortunate associations come to mind. People’s minds may travel to the extremes, where people have bunkers, weaponry, and stockpiles of food and supermarket supplies to last 20 years or more. To me, prepping is not about stockpiling or hunkering down for the ‘end of days’. To me, it is simply practical measures that we can all take in our daily lives to make sure that we are all as prepared as possible for what the future may bring.

I’ve been working on boosting self-reliance and on practical preparation for many years – working on establishing my garden, preserving some food, diversifying income streams, learning new skills etc.. And I feel that the events of the last couple of years show that such prepping is not overcautious.

This is not about fear-mongering. But the pandemic and our climate crisis have highlighted the many, many vulnerabilities in the way most of us live our lives. But with a few simple, sustainable steps, many of us can find ways to reduce fragilities, increase resilience, and make ourselves and those around us more secure.

You do not need to live in an isolated rural compound to start practical prepping. Steps towards a more sustainable, more prepared lifestyle can take a range of different shapes and forms. If you would like some help to become more prepared for the future, wherever you live, please get in touch. I can provide tailored guidance to help you in your particular situation.

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