How to Build Resilience: The Key Challenge for Farmers and Growers

Storms to come… do you have the resilience to withstand them?

Today we are experiencing a deluge, and some areas fairly close to us have experienced some flooding. And this comes after a spring that was very difficult for farmers in our area, with a late, cold start to spring, followed by a near drought. While dry weather in spring is quite common here, this year has been particularly extreme, and speaking recently with a local land owner, we heard about lost cover crops, and several other issues.

Of course, I also know that others around the world have had it far worse – with extreme heat events, wildfires and flooding all becoming more common by the year. So this highlights yet again the importance of building resilience. Thinking about how to build resilience in the face of unpredictability and our climate crisis is the key challenge for farmers and growers.

One of my specialities is design for farmers and growers looking to diversify their income streams, and to prepare and plan to mitigate and minimise losses moving forwards. Building resilience of course means working with nature to protect the soil, water resources and other natural resources. Permaculture design can facilitate the move to sustainable, eco-friendly practices and systems.

Through helping you work out the best planting schemes, strategies and systems for people and planet, I can help you build resilience and weather whatever storms may come. If you have been hit hard by climate change, or feel that you could find farming or growing increasingly challenging in the coming years, please get in touch to see how I can help.

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