Case Study: Small Space Garden

If you do not have much space, it is more important than ever to make the most of every inch. In this simple case study you can see my quick design for a small yard area of only around 8.5 sq m, sandwiched between a house and the pavement on the intersection of two streets relatively quiet streets in a town in northern England.

As you can see, I have suggested making the most of the space with with one long wraparound raised bed that will be planted up to provide as much food as possible. This bed will mostly adjoin the low wall along the south and west of the property, wrapping around to the higher walls to the east and north.

Most of the bed will be planted with a dwarf fruit tree, fruit canes and bushes, and perennial companion planting, while the area to the south will be dedicated to annual production. The bed will continue round against the south facing wall of the house, where I have suggested making a vertical garden next to the door.

Since this is the only outside space for the property, I have also included a small space where the residents can sit outside, with a bench seat and small table of reclaimed wood. The area below the bench seat will also serve as a small area of storage with a lockable cupboard for pots and garden tools. A smaller temporary planter will also be placed close to this seating area, which will be used as a small wildlife garden, with plenty of flowering plants for pollinators, and for visual appeal.

In the notes for this garden design, I included details of the main crops, and companion plant suggestions, as well as some more detail about different elements of the design.

No site is too small. If you would like help to make sure you use any small outside space to the fullest, please do get in touch for your own permaculture design.

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