Do You Need a Greenhouse or Polytunnel?

If you are new to growing your own, and plan on creating a new food producing garden, one thing that you might be thinking about is whether you need a greenhouse or polytunnel. The answer, of course, will depend on your specific situation and needs. But in many temperate climate situations, I would most definitely recommend that you at least consider creating an undercover growing area.

Creating a greenhouse or polytunnel on your property can bring a range of benefits. It can significantly extend your growing season. And in certain situations, can make it possible for you to continue to grow food all year round, even where it would not usually be possible to do so. Even where year round growing outdoors is possible, a greenhouse or polytunnel structure can significantly increase the variety of crops that you can grow successfully.

Erecting a greenhouse or polytunnel can also make it easier for you to control your environment, avoid crop damage due to weather extremes, and reduce the likelihood of a number of pests and diseases taking hold.

Remember, you can purchase a structure, either new or second hand. But you can also consider a range of low-cost DIY options. We decided to buy a polytunnel soon after we bought our property 6 years ago. And it has thus far proven itself a good investment.

Though I try to reduce plastic use in general, we chose to buy a polytunnel with a good quality plastic cover that would last. Though it is in a sheltered spot, it has made it through a number of storms and rather extreme weather largely unscathed. And with any luck, it should see us through many more. The plastic sheet is also recyclable at the end of its life.

Of course, depending on your situation, you may choose to opt for a glass structure instead. You could buy a greenhouse, or make one with reclaimed windows and doors, for example.

Whether you take a DIY approach, or purchase a greenhouse or polytunnel, you will often find that it makes things a lot easier in your garden, and can increase your yield significantly.

If you are interested in greenhouse or polytunnel gardening and would like help or advice relating to where to place one, or how to layout the interior, please do get in touch. I can help you make the right choices, and make the most of your undercover growing area.

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