Garden Seating Area Ideas for Outdoors Living

Those of us who love the natural world will always seek to spend as much time outdoors in our gardens as we can – even during the coldest months. So today, I thought I would take some time to discuss a few sustainable garden ideas for outdoors living – projects that we might like to take on to enhance our outside areas so we can enjoy spending as much time as possible in them over the months to come.

Of course, the simplest idea is just to add a bench seat, or other simple seating area where we can relax and enjoy the tranquil surroundings of our gardens.

You can use natural or reclaimed materials to make a simple bench seat in a corner of your space, perhaps combining this idea with the concept of bed edging – creating somewhere to sit on the edge of a raised bed.

You can also include a bench as part of a trellis or support structure for climbing or vining plants.

Remember, to make the most of your space, a bench seat could have shade tolerant planting below it. Or the space below a seat could be turned into garden storage.

The top of a seat could also lift to give access to a space within. And that space within a bench seat could be used for storage. Or for other things. If you have kids, for example, it might be used to hide a sandpit for outdoors play.

A bench seat might even potentially be attached to a fire pit, or part of a rocket mass system – creating a seat that is heated from below.

Another idea is to add temporary seating, or a hammock, strung between mature trees. This is one more interesting way to create a simple and relaxing space for outdoors living.

We might think of a garden den as something for kids. But adults could enjoy a garden den too. Creating a simple, enclosed space to sit in can help you feel more calm and at peace in your garden. You might make a den with living plants – with bamboo, trained fruit trees, or a range of shrubs. Or with vining plants growing on a simple support structure.

These are just a few ways to create a garden seating area that can become a useful and beautiful part of your garden design for outdoors living.

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