Sustainable Projects To Take on Before Winter

In a sustainable home, it is always a good idea to be one step ahead. There are a number of things you could do before the coldest weather arrives to boost your household sustainability over the winter.

One thing you could do, of course, is add extra insulation to your home. The better insulated your home is, the less energy you will use. (I would still recommend switching to a renewable energy supplier if you can. Or looking into generating your own renewable power.)

But you might not be able to retrofit an older home to meet modern standards. Adding new insulation/ better glazing/solar panels etc. can be expensive. And what do you do if you don’t own your own home?

Here are a few projects that won’t cost the earth but could improve energy retention in your home:

  • Make some thick thermal curtains or blinds using reclaimed materials.
  • Sew draught excluders to put below doors to keep things cosier in rooms your heating.
  • Create a rag rug to keep floors warm. This is a great project that lets you reduce waste as well as keeping your home a little cosier.

It is also a good idea in homes (and in greenhouses and growing areas) to think about thermal mass. Installing new flooring or walling made from materials with high thermal mass can help keep temperatures more stable.

Speaking of greenhouses, now would be a good time to make a DIY greenhouse or polytunnel. There are plenty of affordable ways to do so. Having an undercover growing area could let you grow food year round.

As winter approaches, you’ll likely be spending more time inside you home. Now could be a good time to make sure your home is as you want it. Upcycle some old furniture, and make some natural household cleaners to keep everything ship shape, for example.

Think ahead, and it will be easier to live sustainably over the coming months.

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