Choosing Bare Root Trees and Shrubs

Most who are new to gardening imagine that spring will be the best time to begin to establish new growing areas. But you do not need to wait until next year to start creating a new edible garden. Choosing bare root trees and shrubs is a good way to start creating a forest garden orContinue reading “Choosing Bare Root Trees and Shrubs”

Growing Nuts in Your Garden

Nuts can be an excellent source of plant-based nutrition, of course. When choosing trees or shrubs for your garden, it is worthwhile thinking about nuts as well as about fruits. The options available to you will of course depend on where you live. In my climate zone and on my property , there is aContinue reading “Growing Nuts in Your Garden”

How Trees Are Used in Garden Design

Following on from yesterday’s brief piece on how trees are useful to us, I thought I would take a little time to explore some of the ways that trees can actually be used in garden design. Trees can be used in almost any garden, no matter how large or small. Even in a tiny garden,Continue reading “How Trees Are Used in Garden Design”