Choosing Bare Root Trees and Shrubs

Most who are new to gardening imagine that spring will be the best time to begin to establish new growing areas. But you do not need to wait until next year to start creating a new edible garden. Choosing bare root trees and shrubs is a good way to start creating a forest garden or woodland garden scheme.

Now is the time to think about choosing bare root fruit and nut trees, shrubs, and fruiting canes for your garden. These are planted during the dormant phase in temperate climate gardens. They will establish their root systems over the winter months, and should burst into growth in spring.

If you have focussed on creating annual garden areas over the summer months, it could now be a good time to turn to perennial planting. From single specimen trees and shrubs in a small garden, to a full forest garden scheme… perennial plants are fantastic choices for a low maintenance garden. And work well for those who want to achieve the highest possible yield from their spaces.

Another thing to bear in mind is that bare root trees and shrubs can be fantastic for creating new shelter belts, wind-break hedges, or riparian regeneration schemes. Bare root trees and shrubs are often more affordable than pot grown plants. And so can be a more cost-effective way to populate your garden, or a larger landscape scheme.

When choosing bare root trees, shrubs and canes, be sure to consider the requirements and restrictions of your particular garden or site. Think about what you and your family actually like to eat. Think also, about plants that offer benefits to the system as a whole – nitrogen fixing trees and shrubs, for example. And always choose with the needs of particular plants in mind.

Carefully chosen bare-root trees, shrubs and canes can enhance your outside space. So don’t just focus on planting seeds. Think about populating your garden with more perennial plants so you can enjoy them over many years to come.

If you need help to decide which types and varietals to choose, please get in touch. I can help you create a design for your particular site.

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