Case Study: Washington Garden

The site is a domestic garden in the state of Washington. The property currently has a cabin, and several mature trees, which will be retained. Though is largely grassy, open and relatively exposed. There are plans for future construction – initially a garage and apartment, and car port. In the longer term future, there are plans to replace the cabin and build further properties on the lot. However, in the short term, the remainder of the lot will be used for a garden, for food production and visual appeal. 

The design above takes into account the sectors and characteristics of the site, as well as future plans. The lot is in USDA zone 6, relatively level, but conditions are somewhat challenging due to relatively shallow, nutrient-poor soil, hot summers, cold winters, and winds that swirl around the end of the canyon. 


  • To produce a variety of food (and ingredients for making wine and beer).
  • To improve the visual appeal and amenity of the property for its inhabitants. 
  • To boost biodiversity and create a relatively low-maintenance garden that is beautiful and fruitful.

As can be seen on the plans, I have suggested that a significant portion of the site be given over to raised bed production. This differs from many of my plans, in which I would suggest a forest garden design for a low maintenance plan. In this case, however, the clients’ future plans for further construction (in ten years or so) meant that a less permanent garden solution was required.

In my plans for this client, I provided, in addition to the visual plan shown above, a report with details of planting etc..

If you would be interested in discussing a similar design, or would like more details on any element in this plan and how you might implement something similar where you live, please get in touch.

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