Case Study: Cape Town, South Africa Permaculture Design

This is a quick overall concept plan I have created for a small suburban property of c. 495 sq m (mostly built on) in Cape Town, South Africa.

Of course, this does not include all the planting detail, but serves to show the overall intention and as a point for feedback and discussion before more detailed design.

The client has already made great strides towards a more sustainable lifestyle and has a strong interest in permaculture, but required some assistance to make the most of the space and develop holistic plans to grow as much food as possible for the family.

Existing palms and other trees do cast quite a bit of shade towards the north of the site. However, since a Canary palm is home to a Weaver bird colony, and the other mature trees are also great for wildlife, I have suggested their retention, while describing some ways to still produce high edible yields within the space.

In the front garden, the very sandy soil currently yields mostly weeds, but can be fully utilised with the combination of climate appropriate native xeric planting and irrigated lasagna style beds where, making the most of the sun in this area, fruit trees and multi-layered guilds can be created.

As you can see from the plans, layered planting and sustainable small space strategies such as the extensive use of containers, raised beds and climbers will allow for the use of every inch.

And popular fruit trees appropriate to the climate, and common perennial and annual vegetables, fruits, herbs etc. will be combined with abundant native planting.

If you have challenges to overcome in your garden, wherever you live, please do contact me through this site. I would be glad to discuss how exactly I can help.

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