Winter Planning For Spring Planting

Even if you are not growing year round, there is still plenty to be done over the winter months to prepare for spring planting. Planning and preparation are important for a successful gardening year.

When many people think about garden planning, they begin and end with deciding on and ordering the plants and seeds they wish to grow. But creating a successful garden is about far more than just choosing plants.

Creating the right design and putting the right systems and elements in place really makes a huge difference to how successful your efforts will be in the year to come. Firm foundations when it comes to layout, soil, and water are so important.

Over the winter, I always like to look forward, to the following year. I also like to look back, and reflect on the previous year – what has been successful, what has not, and what changes might help me to make things even better.

Winter planning is not all about looking forward and looking back, however. We should also make sure that we take some time simply to live in the moment.

Getting to know your garden will always help you become a better gardener and make the most of your garden. And getting to know your garden better is something you can and should do throughout the whole of the year.

If you would like some help to consolidate your ideas, and develop a plan for your garden – now is a great time to get in touch, so we can develop a permaculture design for your property together before the season for spring planting begins. So please do reach out to discuss your own impressions and ideas, and to discuss your options. I look forward to hearing from you.

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