Seeing the Good in Humanity is Important

As a species, are we intrinsically good? Or are we prey to baser instincts – just a small shake all that is needed for the veneer of civilisation to slip? Of course, the truth is likely somewhere in the middle. Humanity is both good and bad, wild and sedate, selfless and selfish. It may not be helpful to try to distil our species down to concrete concepts.

But I’ve just started reading ‘Human Kind: A Hopeful History’ by Rutger Bregman – an interesting book which seeks to provide a more hopeful picture of human nature. I look forward to reading more…

So, today I have been thinking about how important our view of human nature is in developing a pathway to a better future. How we look at humanity in general is important in shaping our personal world view. And has a bearing on how we think about what can be achieved, and how.

Whatever our opinion on human nature, it is vital that we see the good in humanity. Focusing excessively on the negatives can stop us from fully embracing the opportunities inherent in co-operation and collaboration. It can lead us to underestimate ourselves and each other, and miss out on what, collectively, we can be.

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