Taking a Bird’s Eye View

Whether literally enjoying a bird’s eye view with the modern technology of a drone, honing in with online mapping, or simply using the imagination, taking a bird’s eye view of a site can help us see the bigger picture. It can help us to filter out some of the detail that might confuse us when we are right up close.

But there is much to be said for stepping out of our human perspectives too – taking journeys with the mind to really imagine a site and its possibilities from all angles.

Trying to see a site from the perspective of a migratory bird, or, to give another example, from the perspective of an ancient tree, could help us truly see the beauty, the wonder, and the opportunity available to us. We may not always find it easy to understand other lives – of any species. But it is important that we at least make the effort to try.

Often, we can be blinded by the minutiae of daily life. Children, in my opinion, often find it easy to open their minds and explore the world. All too often, we lose that as we grow up. But we can choose not to. We can climb up and out of our urban jungles or rural lanes and gain a higher and deeper perspective.

As we think about how we can live in a more eco-friendly and sustainable way, we should not forget to use our imaginations. We should put ourselves in other people’s shoes, and look beyond humanity too – finding empathy and understanding for all the varied lifeforms on our planet.

Often, it is looking above, beyond, that will really allow us to soar. we must always remember the importance of using our imaginations to move beyond our own specific and small experience.

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