Why a Slow Cooker is Great for Sustainable Living

I’m just finishing up work after a busy day and I am reminded once more just how useful my slow cooker is for sustainable living.

Some days, when I have been flat out at work (like today) I really don’t feel like cooking an elaborate meal. But as we all know, cooking fresh, local or home grown ingredients from scratch really is one of the best things we can do when trying to live in a more eco-friendly and sustainable way.

This is where a slow cooker really comes in handy. I can pop in the ingredients into it in the morning, and a sustainable meal will be nearly ready by the end of the day. We have a renewable energy supply, and the slow cooker I have is large enough to cook a meal which will actually last for several days.

This morning, I decided to make a slow cooked vegetable stew, with carrot, swede (rutabaga), celeriac, cabbage, stock and some herbs. This might be a simple meal, but it is a warming one at the end of what has been a rather changeable day – sunny one moment, rainy the next.

When people think of slow cookers, they usually think about meat-based dishes. But many great vegetarian and vegan meals can also be prepared in a slow cooker. A simple stew is just one of our many favourites.

I do not have a lot of gadgets in my kitchen. But if you are leading a busy life, and also trying to live in a sustainable, eco-friendly way, then a slow cooker is one kitchen gadget that I do recommend. Ours was a gift from my mother-in-law and it is certainly one which has seen a lot of use.

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