Sustainability Means Avoiding Fads and Fleeting Fashions

I have never been someone who follows fashion all that closely. My tastes tend to run to the simple and natural. But some struggle to avoid temptations when it comes to fashion, interiors and the like. It is important to remember that being stylish and up to date does not need to mean following fads and fleeting fashions.

When it comes to your wardrobe, it is perfectly possible to look good and express your love for good clothes and accessories without contributing to the harm caused by fast fashion. Quality is key. Buy less, but buy items made to last. Remember, too, that pre-loved and vintage items offer amazing opportunities to show your individuality and style.

Even those who like to sport new looks all the time can consider renting, rather than buying – a great way to reduce your impact and live in a more sustainable way. Renting could also be a good option for special events.

But avoiding fads and fleeting fashions by building a simple, natural, high-quality capsule wardrobe of clothes that you love is the best way.

The same thing is true of fashions when it comes to interiors. How you decorate, dress and style your home is another area where sustainable improvements can easily be made by simply finding something you love, and sticking to it for as long as possible.

I have met people who redecorate or buy new pieces of furniture every year or two, even when what was already there is in pristine condition, still very attractive, and perfectly fit for service.

By completely ignoring the fashions of the moment in interiors, and creating an interior with natural materials and good quality pieces, we can all have homes we can be proud of – homes that we truly love and won’t be as likely to want to change in just a few years.

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