Maximalism in Garden Design

Recently, I was introduced to a term which I was not particularly familiar with before: maximalism. This is a concept with says that more is more. It is the antithesis of minimalist design. This is a concept I like, and which works well with my usual style when it comes to garden design. I might not want a maximalist home exactly, but I do have a maximalist garden.

Usually, the word is used in the context of interiors. But it is a concept which can also be employed in a garden. Permaculture gardening lends itself well to a maximalist stylistic preference. In permaculture, we often talk about integration not segregation, about boosting biodiversity and about layering plants in space and time. The varied and vibrant planting schemes this can create suits those who like the maximalist style down to the ground.

Permaculture gardens can of course be created in a wide range of different aesthetic styles. But this is one style that suits permaculture ideas very well indeed. A maximalist permaculture garden is one which rejects simple, plain and ordered and instead embraces some natural ‘chaos’ and a riot of form and colour. Bright and bold choices are preferred, and clashing is not something to be frightened by.

Tomorrow, I will share a quick concept design I created for an artistic and creative individual with a small city garden, who wanted to take the maximalist style employed inside and carry it out into their boring paved yard.

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