Tips for a More Sustainable Van Life

Speaking to a friend recently, we were discussing the growing trend for a more nomadic and less settled lifestyle. We were talking about how ‘van life’ can more than just pay lip service to sustainability.

Obviously, those who decide to live in a van already negate all the emissions associated with a permanent abode. But what happens next can be a lot more difficult to quantify. Some who live a van life are much more sustainable than others.

One important consideration is, of course, the vehicle itself. An electric van will obviously be a far more sustainable proposition.

But beyond this, those living a van life need to consider that, unlike homeowners with gardens, they will not have a supply of easily accessible natural resources. So it can often be more challenging to live in an eco-friendly and sustainable way.

But that is not to say that it is not possible. Van lifers and nomads can still embrace skill-building and a DIY approach, and with some ingenuity, can still do many of the same things as those who live in more traditional homes. You can certainly live a zero waste life in a van. In fact, with a minimalist approach, you should already be a few steps ahead.

And yes, it is possible to grow food in a mobile home. It just takes some clever thinking and design. Even those who are mostly on the move can grow food in small pots and containers, carefully held in place with neat design solutions. Every little helps. And of course responsible foraging can also be embraced.

If you would like some more tips on how to live a more sustainable life on the move, please do get in touch. Personal freedom does not need to come at a high cost to people and planet.

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