Dealing With Heat in Your Garden

We’ve had some lovely warm weather here recently. Since we are in Scotland, the relatively mild summer heat is usually something to enjoy and not something to fear. I am a typical Scot and anything over around 20 degrees C. (68F) feels very warm to me! I don’t fare well in the sun and search out shade whenever possible.

If you live in a hotter climate, however, the heat can be a major challenge. With many areas experiencing record heat, I thought this would be a good time to talk about some strategies for dealing with heat in your garden.

This recent article of mine explores some strategies for beating the heat.

Preparing well and clever plant placement can make a big difference to whether your plants can survive and thrive, or wilt and even die in the heat. Of course, as the article explains, thinking about shade, soil and water is key. And adding thermal mass can make a big difference – especially in undercover growing areas.

In my own garden, and in all my designs, I also like to think about making the space comfortable for human inhabitants (and wildlife) as well as plants. Being able to enjoy your garden during a heatwave is also important.

Plant choices are often key, but think about how to integrate planting with seating areas, outdoors dining, and other recreational zones.

Of course, each garden is different and different strategies are required. If you would like some help to create a garden that survives and can be enjoyed during hot weather and heat waves, please get in touch to discuss a design. Whether you live in a temperate zone, or somewhere much hotter, I can help you come up with a resilient, attractive and abundant plan for your property.

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