A Few Photos From the Forest Garden

It is a beautiful and very warm day today, and I thought that I would take the opportunity to take a few photos in the forest garden. Without much comment then, here are some images of my wild little food-filled ‘paradise’:

Forest garden – with red currants still remaining to be harvested at the front, fruit trees, foxgloves, hogweed and more…
Plums ripening nicely in spite of nibbled leaves.
Elaeagnus multiflora, Elaeagnus umbellata, gooseberry bushes, more foxgloves… and many other plants!
Lovely lavender, a sneaky nettle, Hebe back left…
Some of our many apples… early varieties suffered from late frosts but later ones are doing well.
I’ll be chopping this comfrey and dropping as mulch this coming weekend.
Red currants, strawberries, rosemary, mints under gooseberries and so much more…

Yes, it is wild and very overgrown at this time of year. Yes, there are weeds (very useful ones) and a little insect damage on the plum. But I love it, and the wildlife does too.

If you would like some help to make your own ‘permaculture paradise’, please do get in touch.

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