Choosing Roses For Your Garden

As I was walking in my garden today, I was struck by a number of beautiful roses that are in bloom at the moment.

These were planted before we arrived at the property, and so sadly I do not know which varieties we have. I love roses, however, for a range of reasons. And once we have finished work on our barn conversion, I plan to plant more to climb up the south facing facade. Today, I thought I would briefly talk about choosing roses for your garden.

Of course, there are a great many roses to choose from, which can work well in a range of gardens and in a range of settings. But while you are likely to be able to find a rose to suit many settings – choosing the right rose is important. Choosing which variety or varieties to grow can sometimes seem a daunting prospect.

Here are some things to think about to narrow down your choices:

  • Type and growth habit. Are you looking for a shrub or bush rose, a rambler or a climber? Where and how exactly will your rose fit into your garden? It might be part of a hedge, a mixed border, a dedicated rose bed… it might climb against a wall or fence, or over a pergola or arch… It might provide ground cover at the front of a growing area, or be grown in a pot in a container garden.
  • Are you looking for a large vigorous rose, or a small patio rose for a pot? Think carefully about how large your potential choices will eventually grow.
  • Will your rose be positioned in full sun, or in a more shaded spot? (There are some roses which are far more tolerant of shade than others.)
  • What are your preferences with regard to the flowers (colour, shape etc..)?
  • Are you looking for a fragrant variety?
  • When exactly will your rose be in bloom? (Think about how this will tie in with other plants in your garden and help you make sure you have flowers blooming for pollinators and visual appeal all year long.)

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