Sustainable Hair Rinses From the Garden

Lavender and rosemary on the edge of the forest garden last year – my lavender is coming in bud now this year.

I have very long hair, and I have not bought shampoo or conditioner in years. Many people are now realising, like me, that they do not need to buy lots of bathroom products in plastic bottles. You can take a ‘no poo’ approach. People get used to using commercial products in their hair. But like any other habit, it can be broken in order to live in a more sustainable way.

I mostly wash my hair now with just water. Yes, just water. Every now and then I will use some natural soap or a little bicarbonate of soda if it needs something a little extra. But those things are not now a part of my regular routine. I used to find that my hair got quite greasy when I did use a commercial shampoo. Now I do not need to wash my hair as often.

I do however like to use hair rinses, to strengthen and impart their beneficial properties. For those hair rinses I use plants from my garden.

One of my favourite blends is rosemary and lavender. I simply pop some into a jar with some boiled water, leave it overnight, strain then use.

I also sometimes use nettles in a similar way, as these are also said to be good for the hair and scalp.

Apple cider vinegar is a good hair rinse for when I do use a surfactant, to balance the pH and leave my hair in good condition.

Everyone’s hair is different, and you may find that different natural ingredients work best for you. But you should be able to grow something suitable in your garden, and enjoy a more sustainable hair care regime.

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