Sustainable Coffee?

Fairtrade? Rainforest alliance?… where should you turn when looking for a sustainable coffee for your morning cup? It can be challenging trying to navigate the minefield and find the most sustainable options for all the foods and drinks you enjoy. And when you do not live in a coffee producing area, it is worthwhile also taking into account the miles (and carbon cost) involved in transporting coffee to your local shops or home.

Most of us in temperate zones cannot easily grow coffee at home. But rather than trying to navigate the minefield of finding a sustainable coffee to enjoy as your morning brew, why not consider growing something you can use as a coffee substitute? You could ask yourself – do you really need to drink coffee at all?

As I point out in this Treehugger article, the alternatives might not be exactly the same. But it could be interesting, and healthy, to consider coffee alternatives that you can grow in a forest garden, or elsewhere in your garden at home. Finding substitutes for items grown far from home that you can grow yourself can often be a great step to take on the route to a more sustainable way of life.

If you would like to talk about alternatives for other less sustainable products, I would be glad to offer consultancy to help. Please do get in touch to let me know which problems or problems in sustainable living you would like to solve.

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